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Student Life In Sunderland


Thousands of students flock to Sunderland each year to enrol in our exceptional education centres, Sunderland College and The University of Sunderland. Many of our students stay beyond graduation due to Sunderland's fantastic career opportunities and the local culture, which makes people feel right at home from the moment they arrive.

Open to both UK and international students, there are student campuses based in the city centre and across the wider North East region, creating a hub of student activity that is shaped by our unique local identity. Sunderland itself is a vibrant, dynamic city which makes it a great centre for student life, with excellent transport links, accessible learning resources and incredible nightlife!

If you're living on campus, in our city accommodation or are based in the nearby area, you'll benefit from an exciting and bustling student culture that sees people from many walks of life coming together to learn, develop their knowledge and shape their future. 

Freshers week is hosted annually at the start of term, with events and activities planned across campuses, unions and venues across the city. There are also plenty of shops, bars and restaurants for night's out, where you can meet and socialise with fellow students. 

Sunderland is also a great place to explore in-between classes, and on weekends. It's home to quirky cafes, independent retailers, a busy high street and hundreds of things to do outside of study time. Summers can be spent in Sunderland's open green spaces, parks and nearby coast to relax, while you can also get a taste of the regions' cultural side with museums, galleries and libraries- all uniquely characterised by the city's rich heritage and North East charm. You can even get a glimpse of the exciting future plans that make Sunderland one of Europe's top smart cities, and start planning for your tomorrow.

Whether you're a new student looking to explore Sunderland, or searching for ways to make the most of your time here with visiting family and friends, you'll find that local life blends seamlessly with student life to create an exciting, memorable experience for all who choose to study, work and live here. 

Discover what makes Sunderland a great place to study, live and socialise.