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Case Studies

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With thousands of students and professionals both arriving and residing in Sunderland each year, there are countless stories from real people as to why it's great to work and study in Sunderland.

Discover our success stories, as told by real students, graduates and professionals who have either studied at some of our finest education institutions, or who have carved their careers in Sunderland. With so many fantastic industries based in the city and wider region, you can find out first-hand about how working and studying in Sunderland has helped so many people from across the UK and beyond. 

Read our case studies below...


Laura Giles - University of Sunderland

The University is a very close knit community, where every student and member of staff are there to help you through stressful situations

Shawn Anuptra Martin - University of Sunderland

Choosing the University of Sunderland because of its high quality education

Jane McLaren

Access to Higher Education - Sunderland College